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2. Ethos

We believe strongly in creating a values based sporting environment within the Club which allows each player to thrive and achieve their potential, whilst retaining the Club ethos and remembering the whole of the Club is greater than the sum of its parts. With this in mind every decision taken is always made for the good of the Club in its entirety.

The Club is founded on the following key values (with a couple of examples of what we mean by each of them):


  • Complete all work with total focus, commitment and excellence
  • Do everything you can to improve, regardless of who is watching


  • Selection based on merit and team needs - not due to relationships with coaches
  • Accept responsibility for mistakes and work hard to correct them


  • Be open to coaching points, believe you can improve - there is always more to do
  • Do not feel entitled to selection - work hard to achieve it, each and every time


  • Self discipline on court at training and matches
  • Arrive early with everything you need and warm up without being told to


  • Never ever give up
  • Take responsibility - don't leave it to others

Work ethic

  • Give everything you have to everything you do
  • Ask to do more, to do extra


  • Accept officials decisions, even if you disagree
  • Do not undermine others by criticising from the side lines

Team Spirit

  • Support other members who may be struggling
  • Be selfless


  • Be passionate about your netball
  • Play to win, but if you don't, know you have done your best

All of these words are meaningless and worthless unless they are brought to life and given real meaning by our actions, standards and behaviours. It is important that all members "live" the Club's values, when at training, at matches, during injury management and any other scenario where they are representing the Club.

We believe that enjoyment in netball comes from striving to win, and feel that healthy competition for places is a good thing, which prepares young people for the challenges they will face in later life. We encourage our members to be ambitions - but also to be realistic - about their playing careers.

We value the support from parents and career and recognise that our young players would not be able to commit to the Club without their backing. We believe strongly in encouraging our young players to become self reliant and independent as we have found this means a more successful transition to the senior teams. We welcome parents supporting from the sidelines, but not being part of the team environment, which in our experience can hinder performance and enjoyment.

We appreciate members who want to give back to the Club and encourage and support our budding umpires and coaches to take courses and qualifications. We are lucky to have a number of experienced coaches, volunteers and players who provide leadership to the Club.